//hey there parents!
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PARENTS! We would not have students in our ministry without YOU. Here at //spyn we believe we are an extension of your ministry to your child. We want to help them confront the temptations and struggles that often come with being a teenager. Whether those struggles are at school, their personal life, or their social life we offer them spiritual and practical ways to live out what they read in God’s Word. It isn’t about judging or condemning, its about loving and guiding.

We have an outreach service on Wednesdays at 7pm in the Event Center, and our Get Rooted discipleship movement on Sunday mornings at 11:30, also in the Event Center. On Sunday nights we have a service for 6th – 8th grade students at 6:00 in the Fireside (this service follows the adult’s Sunday night service schedule). Our purpose is to have every student attend Get Rooted Discipleship -this is where true growth and mentorship happens. Partnering to serve you, we assist in building a strong spiritual foundation in your student’s life.

Thank you for trusting us to invest in your student! Remember, if you have any questions PLEASE contact //spyn’s administrative assistant, Eva, at 517.321.2221 or shoot her an email at EvaW@myspyn.com.